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BitMex/ByBit 量化

This is AutoBitMaker team. Thank you for your interest in our product.
Below is a brief introduction to our product. Please kindly check it.
  1. Our product is not a platform for trading virtual currency.
  2. We only manage the APIs of your Bitmex or ByBit accounts rather than directly hold your account.
  3. We only charge a low commission fee from the profits. There is no further cost for your side.
  4. All your accounts will be 7* 24 monitored by our server to ensure security and avoid risk.
  5. We calculate commission fee with Individual customers every 1-2 weeks. For the financial institution, we can further discuss the settlement cycle.
Please kindly note:
 1. Losses are possible in the financial market. The possibility depends on your risk preference.
 2. We will not be responsible for any loss.
 3. When the losses happen, we won’t charge you any fees.
 4. After calculating the commission, the latest account balance will be regarded as the current principal in the next settlement cycle. We will charge the commission fee only if the account balance is higher the previous principal amount at the end of the settlement cycle.

Please kindly let us know if you have any kind of social accounts which we can reach out to such as Facebook, WeChat, etc.

  1. 我们不出售虚拟币。
  2. 我们只对您Bitmex或者ByBit平台的账户进行API进行管理。
  3. 我们只对您获利的部分抽取低廉佣金。除此之外不会产生任何额外费用。
  4. 我们的服务器会对您的账户进行7*24的监控,以降低投资风险、保证账户资金安全。
  5. 个人客户每1~2周结算一次收益,机构客户可详谈。

  1. 您的账户可能发生亏损,亏损可能性取决于您的风险偏好。
  2. 我们对任何亏损不承担责任。
  3. 当您发生亏损时,我们不收取任何费用。
  4. 每次结算收益后,新的账户余额将作为您下次结算周期的本金。每次结算时,只有账户余额高于本金时我们才收取佣金。

如果您有社交账户,比如 Facebook,WeChat… 欢迎告知我们,方便我们的沟通交流。